Voldeo creative path originates in the city of Barcelona, metropolis where the designer and entrepreneur born in 1988, and in the towns of the coast that hosts the Mediterranean.

The brand name owes in part to the supermodel Natalia Vodianova and her group of friends in Caldes d'Estrac, who mistook the Russian name for the top Voldeo. Voldeo It will therefore be the nickname of Natalia during his youth.

In his school years Natalia spend long periods studying in Germany, where you live and experience design and structure based on the functional, in visual hierarchy and minimalist garments. That's where you decide that after swimming, his other great passion, It will be dedicated to draw and to exploit functional garments.

Years later, and his years of college student, Natalia travel and work in the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera, soaking up the fresh air, culture and people that houses the Mediterranean.

In 2016, and while Natalia is completing her studies in fashion design, It presents a sketch for a competition on TV, Telecinco MediaSet, in section Sálvame Fashion Week, where he will be finalist.

The contest Telecinco will give vision and security to launch its own concept and contribution to fashion: an alternative denim with Spanish air.

Little by little, Natalia begins to incorporate a team of seamstresses, who made sketches and final garments.

Its success is a production strategy Made in Barcelona based on quality and knowledge manipulate such a versatile material such as denim.