We understand that it is our responsibility to do what we can to become a sustainable company. We assume the responsibility of managing a business and having a production that respects both the planet and the people and animals that make it up.


We bet on a design that sees fashion differently. La “nueva mujerpara nosotros es aquella que tiene su propia personalidad; who is happy in his day to day, radiates self-confidence, the one who smiles, feels comfortable for being unique and different, plus, can transmit it through the clothes that wears.  She is a woman who screams Girl Power  and have attitude in life.


Our products are produced in short runs. If there is a best seller, we reinvent it with other materials, different shape, different finish, apostamos por aplicar el mismo concepto en otras prendaspero nunca se van a producir tiradas que den paso a acumular un stock.

Hay una razón primaria que sería “ser sostenibley producir acorde con la demanda; and high school, victim of the first, gives way to exclusivity and differentiates others.

If you want to get your exclusive Voldeo, fill out the form in here: It is certified by the exclusive FSCo, fill out the form in the following link: ar PVC, energor el hombre en el mundo.k. ar


We consider the impact we have on the planet as we design clothes. If we can avoid as much as possible not using PVC or the paper we use is certified by the FSC (Forest Steward Council), It is already a step to contribute in an ecological way.


We firmly believe that no animal has to give his life in order to have a coat or pants. And this is a decision that we support ethically and environmentally.

The skins of animals that are used for clothing and accessories have been processed with toxic chemicals that prevent the garments from decomposing. These substances, in its country of production emit toxic and carcinogenic residues.

Plus, The climate impact on meat and leather production is responsible for the 18% of all the greenhouse gases produced by man in the world.